Freddy McKay - Won't get Away

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Freddie McKay - Won't Get Away (F.McKay)

Impact All Stars - Won't Get Away Version (F.McKay)

US reissue, original 1974
Produced by Eddie Wong for Downtown, matrix EW1974, distributed by Jammyland

Freddy already recorded with Prince Buster in 1967 and the same year he scored a hit for Duke Reid's Treasure Isle label with Love is A Treasure. Then he moved on to Coxsone's Studio One and recorded his outstanding first full album, backed by the Soul Defenders: Picture on The Wall. Won't Get Away and the flipside dub were produced by Eddie Wong, who also did Dennis Brown's Foot of the Mountain. Freddy also did Wound May Heal for Impact, and continued to record music untill the mid 80s, right up to his untimely death.