Leonard Dillon - Them A Wicked

Reggae legend Leonard Dillon was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica on December 9, 1942. After relocating to Kingston in 1963, he was befriended by Peter Tosh, who in turn introduced him to the legendary producer Coxsone Dodd; with Tosh and his fellow Wailers singing harmony, Dodd cut four of Dillon's songs released in 1965 under the name Jack Sparrow Among them Ice Water and Suffering On The Land. Soon after he formed the Ethiopans with Stephen Taylor and Aston Morris (who left in late 1966), continuing recording for Coxsone Dodd in 1966/67: Free Man, Live Good, Owe Me No Pay Me, I'm Gonna Take Over Now and Dun Dead Already. Leaving Studio One, they started recording at Dynamic Studios for the WIRL label, scoring massive hits in 1967 with Train to Skaville and Engine 54, which was also the name of their first album. In late 67 they recorded with Sonia Pottinger's Gayfeet label: Stay Loose Mama, The Whip and Train to Glory. Around the same time they also worked with Lee Perry, releasing Cut Down and Not Me. From 1968 on, they worked with Carl "Sir J.J."Johnson, producing a remarkable series of recordings in early reggae style: Everything Crash, What a Fire, Gunman, Hong Kong Flu, Woman Capture Man, The Selah and many others. From 1969, they started working with a variety of producers, including H. Robinson: Fire a Mus Mus Tail and Reggae Hit The Town, Loyd Daley (1970): Satan Girl, Derrick Harriot (1970): Lot's Wife, No Baptism and Good Ambition, Duke Reid (1971): Mother's Tender Care, Condition Bad a Yard and Pirate, many other producers like Winston Riley, Alvin GG Ranglin, Joe Gibbs, Rupie Edwards, Harry J and, of course Randy's (Mi Want Girl, True Man and Mr Tom, produced by Vincent Chin and also released on Randy's UK in 1971). The Ethiopians were one of the seminal groups of the Rock Steady and Early Reggae era and a major force in Jamaican music until Taylor's death in 1975. Reeling from the tragedy, Dillon retreated to Port Antonio for two years, finally resurfacing to reform the Ethiopans for a session with producer Niney the Observer later released as Slave Call on the Third World label in 1977. He continued with Open The Gates of Zion, recorded at Channel One with Sly & Robbie and the Revolutionairies, and released on GG's label in 1978.

Leonard Dillon - Them A Wicked/Impact All Stars - Wicked version part II

Original Ja Press, 1975