African Brothers - Hold Tight

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African Brothers - Hold Tight (W.Morris/C.Chin)

Randy's All Stars - Hold Tight Dub "Straight to Bubble's Head (C.Chin)

Impact US reissue, original 1974
Produced by Clive Chin for Above Rock, matrix 72702

The African Brothers, formed in 1969, consisted of Tony Tuff (aka Winston Morris), Derrick "Bubble" Howard and Sugar Minott. The group got together at Delacree Road and Delamar Avenue Corner, properly known as Tony Martin Corner, where a lot of aspiring artists would gather. They started recording for the Micron Label, which was run by Mick Johnson and Ronny Burke of Sunsplash fame. From 1974 on, they recorded Party Time for Duke Thelwell, Mysterious Nature for Rupie Edwards, the self-produced Torturing, Want Some Freedom and Practice What You Preach, and the close harmony roots classics Lead Us Father, Youths of Today and Righteous Kingdom. Eventually, they arrived at Coxsone's Studio One and cut their only tune for the label, No Cup No Broke. Sugar Minott (Born Lincoln Barrington Minott in Kingston, May 25, 1956) became the studio apprentice, evolvolving into one of the most important artist of the Studio One stable. In 1978, the group disbanded, and Tony Tuff also launched a solo career. Derrick Howard concentrated his efforts as a producer, working with artists such as Gregory Isaacs, Sanchez, and Cocoa Tea. Check out the Easystar release Want Some Freedom (1970-1978), their first complete album also featuring Hold Tight. The heavy roots tune Hold Tight is also available on the Pressure Sounds compilation Randys -17 North Parade. For dub versions check out African Brothers Meet King Tubby on Nature Sounds. In 2004, the African Brothers re-united: Sugar Minott and Tony Tuff (together with Tristan Palma and Ken Bob replacing Derrick Howard) recorded Mysterious Nature for the young french roots label Zewah Music, containing al original tunes, except for a recut of Mysterious Nature. Not to be confused with The African Brothers from Ghana, who play highlife with reggae influences.

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