Mighty Diamonds - Right Time

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Mighty Diamond - Right Time

Mighty Diamond - Mighty Version

US original, 1975
Matrix KC 2581

The Mighty Diamonds were one of the most famous vocal groups of the seventies, consisting of Donald "Tabby" Shaw on lead vocals, and Fitzroy "Bunny" Simpson and Lloyd "Judge"Ferguson on backing (and occasionally lead) vocals. They had already worked with Stranger Cole and Rupie Edwards, but their big breakthrough came about in 1975, when they recorded Right Time at Joseph "Joe Joe" Hookim's Channel One studio, released in Jamaica on the Well Charge label, in the US on the Impact label. The Mighty Diamonds released various tunes on Impact US: Back Weh, Have Mercy, Jailhouse and Cat-O-Nine. Check also the Mighty Diamonds on Joe Gibbs' label at the Joe Gibbs Treasure Box.